Friday, January 23, 2009

Here I am.

My little neck of the dirty South has been in the grip of winter proper for the past two weeks with the temps rarely getting up to the 20's during the day (ok for my Canadian and upper mid-west buddies, gimme a break, I am weak). Consequently, I have ridden my trainer for the last 12 days straight and I am about to go batshit freaking crazy! I went to Atlanta today for work and it was sunny and in the 60's and all I could do was wish I had a bike with me to ride. All the way home, I daydreamt about riding tomorrow (it's supposed to be 40). It's going to rain but I don't care. I gotta get out of this place.

I am racing again in two weeks at the final two cyclocross races of the season and then two weeks later the first endurance race - the 12 Hours Of Santos in (hopefully) sunny, warm Florida. Two weeks after that and it's off to Arkansas for the Spa City Extreme, a 6 hour race. After that, I am pretty much back in the cycle (no pun intended) of Ride, Race, Rest, Repeat for the rest of the year. Even though I am racing more this year than last, I am resting more and the races are not all endurance. I am mixing in some shorter XC events, road races, crits and a good bit of high intensity training that will hopefully help round out my fitness a little better. (Last year I ended up with a lot of endurance but not much fitness at higher intensities.

Until then..................

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