Friday, November 9, 2007

Tri-Cities Cup

Round #4 of the Mud, Sweat and Gears Cyclocross Series gets underway tomorrow at Steele Creek Park in Bristol Tennessee. This is also the Tri-Cities Cup, a friendly competition between the Tri-Cities Road Club and the Northeast Tennessee Mountain Bike Association to see which club has more participation. Last year, NTMBA walked away with the top honors and the plan is to do the same again this year.

The slick-legged, day-glo jersey wearing roadies have been talking smack among themselves to try and rally the troops. This communique was intercepted from their camp:

Okay folks, It's time for the second annual "Tri Cities Cup" Last year we got it handed to us by the Mountain Bike Club. For Heaven's sake people we gotta win this year! We can't let those fat tire folk beat us at our own game again this year. Show some roadie pride and show up on some sorta bike and wear a TCRC old or new jersey (if you don't wear a jersey you don't count), and we have to set up a booth with our banner and info about the club. I don't think I can stand the shame of two losses in a row. If you have any TCRC pride at all lets show those sluggish, fat, big tired, smelly from rolling around in bear poop, rash covered, bug bitten, dirty, skinned up, tree slammin', salamander eatin', toothless mountain bikers, what us smoothed legged areodynamic, lean, svelte, god like roadies with tree trunk legs can do. Seriously folks this is all for fun but I would like to win, please? Win one for the baldy.

Sound like they are scared and they should be.

It must be shameful to have a poop eating, fat, old mountain biker on a bike with one gear whip your ass on your multi-thousand dollar uber-machine.

Poor roadies.

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