Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Misc. Ramblings

The off season has officially descended onto Duckman's territory and you know what that means - plenty of eating, beer drinking and just hanging out.

Um, no.

I have been laying around quite a bit more than normal. I am healing still from bruising my guts a couple of weeks ago. I have also been training for next year and laying down plenty of practice on my guitar. I managed to get on my bike for 7 hours last week, all in front of the tv in my garage and all on rollers. I love riding rollers especially for base building. You have to think and concentrate on rollers unlike a stationary trainer. You can crash pretty hard if your attention gets a little low. I know from experience. Therefore riding rollers is not as mind-numbingly boring as a trainer.

It also helps to have a good supply of DVDs, music and a fan to blow air on you.

It turns out that bruising my lung is one of the most painful and long lasting injuries I have ever had. I haven't slept worth a crap in a month because I cannot get comfortable no matter what. I haven't been on a bike outside since Dec 1 and that sucks although I have been on the rollers almost every day so it's not so bad.

While some more fortunate ones are living it up in warmer climates, I will gut it out here in the sub-arctic and slowly hack out a nice solid base of fitness for the upcoming racing season.

Peace out.


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