Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Epic Rides

I just got home from my Wednesday night ride at Buffalo Mtn. This ride goes on pretty much rain or shine throughout the winter. Tonight it was raining and about 55 degrees. Me and Bob Lamberson were the only ones to show up.

Go figure.

I like Bob. We have been riding and racing together for about 5 years. Bob is one of the few people I will follow through any singletrack at speed and not worry about a thing. I can always count on him for some hardcore riding.
We started climbing immediately and rode the 4 or so miles to the firetower gate mostly in the dark and rain. We had a little contest to see who would turn on their light first. It got pretty damn dark before Bob cracked (okay, it was a draw, I went for mine about the same time). Lights only served to illuminate the fog and were pretty much useless.
We hit the ATV trail that only a week ago was dry and fast to find it filled with water and nasty. (Don't worry, no trails were harmed as the trails at Buffalo are all weather and damned near indestructible). The fog only made it worse. Visibility was about 3 feet and we both got disoriented a few times and had to search for the trail (that we both know like the backs of our hands).
After the first section of ATV trail, we both decided it was to dangerous to continue with the fog the way it was so we hit the fireroad back to the cars.

Did we chicken out? No, I don't think so.

Where were you tonight?

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Rob said...

My brothers, Jedi only goes so far. That Buffalo fog has struck again.