Thursday, January 31, 2008

500 miles and the scenery never changes.

Things that drive you insane. Like a hamster on a wheel, I have pedaled 494 miles in my basement since Dec 1 and I am sick of it. Not sick like I am about to puke sick but sick like I am hanging onto reality by a very small thread and it is about to snap.

You know the kind.

Winter is almost over and soon I can get more riding outside and everything will be ok then. I am just glad I live in a place where Winter really isn't a big deal. I can't imagine what the folks do in Minnesota.

The Icycle is this weekend. I have a decent base of fitness but virtually no top-end stuff except what I have left over from last fall. Still the Icycle really isn't that kind of race for me. It's more of a novelty - something to do mid-winter while I wait for the Earth to move back to its rightful spot a little closer to the Sun. Plus, the Icycle is really to short to be a race, it's less than 2 hours and that's hardly enough time to get warmed up.

There will be racing though and the usual debauchery and tom-foolery that is associated with a large group of mountain bikers consuming alcohol.

I'll have a report and some pics from the weekend when I get back.

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