Saturday, January 26, 2008

Speaking of First Blood

He's baaaaaaaack!

I always liked ole Johnny boy. You gotta give Sly credit, he still looks pretty damn good for an old man. I mean what is he 60 now? You think that boy has used any performance enhancing drugs in his day or or he a product of clean living?

Either way, I am watching his movie today. It isn't like I am going to get much else done. I am sick as a dog. I thought I was going to get through this winter ok but it just wasn't in the cards. I started feeling funny after Wednesday night's Buffalo ride (it was 22 degrees) and I only rode my rollers for about 20 minutes on Thursday. Yesterday was tough. I came home from work and did nothing.

I don't do sick very well. I hate being still.

I've been reading the news and it looks like the NUE Series could be pretty exciting this year. Chris Eatough has announced that he intends to defend his title. Add Floyd Landis to the mix and a few of the other really strong guys out there, I could get exciting.

All I know is five races, five hundred miles, and five chances for me to see Chris and Floyd's bony asses ride away from me.

I can't wait.

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