Sunday, January 20, 2008

First Blood

I am registered now for two of the five races on my schedule that are part of the National Ultra Endurance Series. There are eight races total but I can't make three of them due to conflicts and the fact that they are on the other side of the country.
I read the other day that Floyd Landis is going to throw down for the series. That's cool and I can't wait to meet him. There is volumes of stuff on the internet both for him and those that bash him for being a doper. I cannot say if he is guilty or not. I have my opinion and part of that is I am skeptical of the French and their methods of drug testing but that's about as far as I am going to go with that.
I like Floyd and I am looking forward to racing with him (well by racing with him I mean racing on the same course he is also racing on while we are both Not that I will actually be racing racing him).

I have a pretty ambitious schedule this year for a 41 year old, full time job with a kid weekend warrior but I think it will be ok and it will be interesting to rub shoulders so-to-speak with some truly elite riders.

Some of my goals for the year are:

To finish all my races.

To podium in each of the three cycling disciplines I will be racing in (MTB, Road and Cross)

To finish in the top five for the NUE Series (mom always said dream big)

Stay healthy and have fun.

Come back in December and see how I did.

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