Saturday, March 8, 2008


It's making me wait.

The weather in my corner of the Southern Appalachians has been really screwed up for the past couple of weeks. It will be in the 60's one day and sunny and in the 40's the next and rain. This combined with my training schedule has put me on the bike in some really shitty weather. I am soooo tired of riding in the rain. Today is another rain/sleet/snow mix and 30something. I guess it's rollers for me today as tomorrow I have another 5 hour mountain epic planned on the road.

The forecast is for sun and 45. I hope it's true.

I just added to my stable of two-wheeled torture devices. I bought a Giant Bowery singlespeed/fixed gear road bike. I unboxed it yesterday and put it together and I can't wait to ride it. Fixed gear is something I have never tried before and I think it may be just the ticket for those cold, rainy days when I need to get out but don't want to ride for long. With all the hills around my house, having a fixed will make me work going up and down so no rest and getting lazy.

I may even show up at select road events this summer on it just to **** with people and to add to my freak resume. We'll see.

I will post some pics of the new 'baby" whenever.

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