Friday, March 14, 2008

I need an intervention

My garage is a mess. I am in the process of going through and putting a bunch of old bike stuff on Ebay and I have uncovered a pandoras box of um.......... well just have a look.

Shelf full of bike parts. I barely made a scratch with all the crap I pulled out.

The kids. Workbench on the left has tools all over it and assorted bike parts.

The one on the right is all bike parts. Hmmm, there may be a tool or ten in there somewhere.

Memories of a time that has passed. Bunch of rubber ducks too.

My buddy and his buddy.

These numbers represent a lot of suffering and personal satisfaction. (There's more stapled to the rafters).

Duckman circa 1991. Another time and another sport.

Trophies from MX and some bike races.

Another shelf of bike parts. There's three complete component groups in there (including stuff for my 08 race bike that's yet to be built.) and loads of various other things. Some good, some junk.

None more black.

Wheels, assorted tires, beer fridge, rollers, trainer, videos, tv, more bike parts.

Look closely and you can see a glimpse of the jersey from my first road team, O'Charley's/TCRC.

Shop Vac.

That's just half of the garage. The other half is bad.

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Hmmm.... said...

I love the shop vac!