Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back to a routine

The last few nights, I have slowly returned to a somewhat regular training routine in the midst of the world around me going to hell in a handbag. Maybe it's not THAT bad. Maybe it's just my attitude. At any rate, I rode at Warriors last night with Bob and Wes and one of Wes' teammates from Indiana. We had a great ride. It was brisk but nobody was killing themselves and it really felt good to get back to some familiar trails and just ride.

Tonight I met a bunch of roadies at the TNR ride that meets on the campus of ETSU. I will admit my legs still feel a little dead and I don't know if that's from not being recovered (I feel fine and have a huge desire to ride - two indicators that I'm recovered). Plus my resting pulse rate is back to it's normal range - 48 so I think it's more of a fact that the races I do all tend to be ones where you put it on cruise control for a really long time and there really isn't a huge amount of high intensity in there anywhere. I think tonight my legs didn't have the snap that they should because of that. Otherwise I felt great. I never feel like I climb well but at the top of Buffalo there was a lot more people behind me than there was in front of me so I guess I did fine.
Keeping up with roadies on a singlespeed is tough. You gotta get real creative with bursts of 120+ rpm pedaling and coasting/drafting off of others. At 30mph and up, pedaling is pretty much useless. I have learned to tuck in real tight in the draft and on descents to hang on for the climbs and rollers where I can pretty much hold my own for the biggest part.

I could go bigger on the gear but that would suck on some of the climbs we have around here.

I have canceled my plans for the xc race this Sunday at Haw Ridge. Our house goes on the market Jul 1 and we have a ton of stuff to do between now and then to get it ready. Since we are going to be gone next week to the Cowbell and then on to the beach for three days, this weekend is going to be a house work blitzkrieg. I'll get a couple of short rides in somewhere but for the biggest part, I'm going to be working my butt off.

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