Monday, June 16, 2008

Rocky Raccoon and the Decathalon

Some people have an ant, roach or mice problem. Some even have a rat problem. Where I work, we are infested with Raccoons. There's at least six of them that I have seen and they live upstairs generally above my head and I hear them from time to time scampering across the ceiling (kinda sounds like a mouse on steroids). I'm not much for killing things so I got a trap and so far have relocated two of them.

Sure he looks cute but I am certain he would have ripped out my throat if he could have. There's nothing like a cute, furry, scared, caged animal to bring out the worst in a critter. He was a hell of a lot better off in my hands than if some of the others I work with would have got ahold of him.

Not much in the way of riding for me this past weekend. In getting our house ready to sell, I participated in the Home Improvement Decathalon. Events included:

  1. Mowing and Triming
  2. Painting
  3. Cleaning
  4. Packing up clutter and sorting through it
  5. House and deck washing
  6. Cutting and trimming shrubs
  7. Landscaping
  8. Cleaning
  9. Cleaning
  10. More cleaning

I got rained out of most of what I needed to accomplish on Saturday so we did the next best thing - went and saw Kung Fu Panda with Nathan and Nancy so it wasn't a total waste.

Sunday came and a lot of work got done along with Father's Day stuff and I finally got out for a couple of hours of pedaling in the afternoon. Nothing hard, just enough intensity to keep my legs fresh for the Cowbell coming up next weekend.

I have a fairly light riding schedule this week:

30 minutes today

1 hour Tuesday with 2-3 hill repeats >2 min each.

2 hours tempo on Wednesday.

Thursday will be for packing and Friday is a travel day.

Peace out.

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