Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Race, Rest, Ride and Repeat.

After the 12 Hours of Tsali, the Burn 24 and the Mohican 100, it is time for a little rest for me. Rest doesn't mean I'll stop riding though. I am back on my weekly after work schedule and this weekend, I'll be trading my knobby tires for slicks and doing a little Crit racing at the Bristol Crit being put on by the Tri-Cities Road Club.

I was a hardcore roadie long before I became what I am now and of all the road racing I have done, Crit racing is my favorite. It is short (less than 40 minutes) and very intense. You are WFO the whole time and the speeds are usually very fast.

I'll return to off-road stuff at the Cowbell Challenge on Jun 21 where me and my teammate Chris Davis are going to team up in the Duo class. Doing a team event will be a nice break from the solo stuff although doing a duo team is nearly as hard as doing it solo, you are still riding for about 6 hours and at a little faster pace than you normally would if you were doing the full 12 solo. Plus it is Charlotte in June and most likely it will be hot (Last year it was 99).

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My name is Stephen said...

Glad you are doing the Cowbell Duo, I wouldn't want to have to lose to you again!!! Great job at Burn24,