Thursday, June 19, 2008

Need More Cowbell

The 2008 Cowbell Challenge is this weekend at Fisher Farms in Charlotte. Me and Chris Davis are going to be flying the Vassago flag in the Duo class where some of our competition includes Andy Applegate so it will be a stiff race for sure. I'm a never say never kind of guy and in the spirit of the underdog, nobody knows who will stand atop the podium come Saturday night. I do know endurance racing is a funny animal and anything can happen. Me and Chris are there to win regardless of who we have to I mean beat.
At any rate, it will be interesting.
Hopefully the forecast for clear and temps in the 80's holds. last year it was hot as hell and at 4:00 it was around 100. I and a lot of others died from the heat. It was horrible.
Although team events are not anything new for me or Chris, they are kinda new for the Vassago team as we all have been mostly solo rats. We are starting to get enough depth in our talent pool and numbers on the team to be able to do some stuff like this. I do like solo stuff but there are some undeniable aspects to team racing that are a blast like being able to ride laps as fast as you can without worrying about the consquences of going to hard. In solo racing, you always have to meter your effort to make sure you have enough juice at the end.
I am looking forward to it.


Misty said...

Good luck guys!!!! Let me know how it goes!

Alan Sparks said...

wheres the play by play ??? Your slackin' homie