Tuesday, July 8, 2008

8 Years of Home Maintenance in 8 Days

We have been working on our house to get it in selling shape and for the last 8 days, we have done pretty much nothing except move stuff, clean, sort, haul stuff to the dump (11 trips - no shit), haul stuff to Goodwill, fix a leaky water pressure regulator, pressure wash house, deck and driveway, fix nail holes in walls and paint, paint outside of house and garage doors, mow, trim, cut up and haul off brush from where lightning struck a tree in our yard, box, pack and move stuff we are taking with us. We scrubbed that mother from top to bottom and inside out.

All in all it has been a pretty damn stressful and exhausting time. In typical Duckman fashion, I jumped and then looked where I was going. If we had spread the work out over several weeks, it wouldn't have been so overwhelming but it is what it is.

Now I just hope somebody buys it soon so I can get back to my regularly scheduled life.

New paint.

Um... some stuff went to the dump so there wasn't any reason not to throw it off the deck.

Cleaned, painted and landscaped.

The garage is the staging area for all our stuff. It all is going to one of three places: with us, to the dump or to Goodwill.

Nathan's artistic rendering of me painting the door.

Deck washed and ready for stain.

Back door sanded, masked and ready for paint.

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