Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Is It Too Late To Train For ORAMM?

See all those bumps? They hurt!!

That's the question that is on my mind and of course it's a rhetorical one because the answer is HELL YES it is to late to train for ORAMM. The race is this Sunday and for the last month, I have been moving, cleaning, moving, and selling our house. It is amazing how much crap you find in corners of closets and on top shelves when you move. Consequently, I have ridden much less than I had hoped to and my fitness is what it is right now and I'm going to just go with it and hope for the best.
Maybe I'll pack a tea set and have a tea party on Curtis Creek Rd while everyone rides by suffering a slow and painful death with each pedal stroke.

Nah, I think I'll take the day and just ride my bike paying no attention to the number plate on the front of it and just enjoy the freedom I have to be able to hop on my bicycle and ride all day long. I may even take my camera and take some pics.

Some numbers: ORAMM is 64 miles (give or take a mile) long and has around 11,000 feet of climbing. It is a mix of county roads, FS roads, double track and singletrack. It's not the most terrible thing you can do nor is it the easiest (it may be somewhat easier if I used gears but where's the fun in that? Easy is overrated). I expect to be on my bike for about 8 hours. My weapon of choice is a 2008 Vassago Optimus Ti 29 inch mountain bike with gearing of 32X19.

It will be good to ride again since I haven't done anything really that hard since me and Chris did the Cowbell a month ago. I didn't quit riding but moving and selling our house took a huge toll on my training. ORAMM is the only race I had planned in July (except for the Funfest races that I missed) so I guess the timing was good.

Since the race isn't until Sunday, I think I'll wait one more day to start training. I don't want to overtrain you know.


Misty said...

I'm finally able to look at a computer after my trip last night! Umm..yea I'd say it's too late to train! But you can use it as training! See you in a few weeks!

Riding with dogs said...

Good luck Duck and have fun!

My name is Stephen said...

It's too late to start training, but you really should start tapering!!!

Luis G. said...

32x19 huh? maybe I should reconsider my choice...