Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ouch @%#^#*&!!!

Those words along with a streak of colorful expletives came gushing from my mouth tonight shortly after being nailed 7 times by Yellow Jackets while riding off-road at Buffalo Mtn with The Great White Goat, Scooby and Mike B. We were descending from the top of the mountain and I cam around the corner and the first one nailed me in the top of the head. I went a few yards and stopped to take my helmet off and the little bastards shang-haied me.
Lucky I am not terribly allergic to them or it might have been bad. Where we were is pretty in accessible except by bike, hike, horse or ATV. I warned my buddies and we kept riding. I got bad chills and felt really crummy but other than that, I am fine.

I hate Yellow Jackets.
UPDATE: I woke up this morning and one eye was swollen shut. How bout that.
Did I mention I hate Yellow Jackets?


Misty said...

Wow...that is awesome! It actually gives me chills. That is just crazy!

My name is Stephen said...

Whenever I get stung by a bee, I don't get mad, I punch it in the face!!!!