Thursday, July 17, 2008

Miracles Happen

On March 25th of this year, my mom entered the hospital with all the signs of having had a mild stroke. On March 29th, she fell while in the hospital and developed a subdural hematoma that began to grow over the following week. On April 1st, after being in emergency surgery for 10 hours to ease pressure on her brain, we were told that they could not get her to stop bleeding and that she probably would not live. Twice more during the next three months, we were faced with seemingly insurmountable odds about her survival.

She came home Saturday.

It turns out she got a bacterial infection while she was in the hospital that was resistant to antibiotics and that caused a lot of the trouble. We may never know what sent her there in the first place. With all that happened, the water got really muddy. They tell us that they don't think she had a stroke after all. Who knows.

At any rate, she's back for how ever long and even though she's not 100% yet, she's doing pretty good for now.

I missed all the races I planned for the weekend due to her coming home and we have a solid offer on our house. We had to meet with the Realtor regarding that a couple of times. All that and moving, living in two places, trying to sell a house, finding my damn socks (I have 14 single socks with no matches, how the hell does that happen?), strange places, weird noises, job stress and no bike riding in several days has left me closer to going Postal than not but I'll make it.

I am writing July off pretty much. ORAMM is in two weeks and I will be using it for training for Fool's Gold and the SM100, both in August.

It's all good.


Misty said...

Whoooo....hooooo!!!! I can't wait for FG!!!!

August is looking like a doozy for me but I'll make it to this race no matter what!

Jonell said...

SOOO glad your mother is home and on the mend and you have a solid offer on the house!!! Praise God!

Who says you have to wear matching socks???

My name is Stephen said...

Yo Duckman, I'm not sure what I could do to help, but let me know if there is anything.