Friday, July 25, 2008

Traffic Hazards

So Thursday is the night I ride with the roadies and being that I now work in a different city from the ride, it takes me 45 minutes to get there and that leaves me 15 minutes to get ready to ride. I just changed bars on my bike and a new stem (old one was too narrow and too short) so I wanted to make sure my adjustment was right before the ride started. In short, I was in a hurry.

I grabbed for my clothes so I could change on the way. Jersey, Check. Shorts, shorts, SHORTS! No shorts! $^^$^#$^^$#!
I really wanted to ride. I weighed my options and whipped into The Bike Shop along the way and got the only pair of size L bibs they had and my buddy Jumbo had me back out quicker than you can get a Happy Meal.

Driving on to the ride, I got to the crucial point in changing where I am completely naked from the waist down and almost hit the car in front of me when he stopped short at a red light. Not a good time for a crash.

Possible excuses for the officer investigating the crash:
A bee got in my pants.
I dropped my roach.
I thought I was on fire (inspired by Ricky Bobby)
Thank God you are here, I got almost got car jacked by a weirdo that only took my pants and I was chasing him.

Thankfully there was no crash, an awkward moment was avoided and I made it to the ride on time (I did have to adjust my bars after the ride started but I didn't have a problem getting back to the group).

I guess I can't say anything about people driving and doing other things at the same time.

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Misty said...

At least when I text and drive I have my clothes on! I really like the excuse: I dropped my roach. - Any cop would feel sorry for a half naked man that drops his roach!

Please confirm no animals were hurt during the trip!