Friday, August 1, 2008

5580? Really??!

I was moving my bike yesterday, getting it closer to the water hose so I can clean it eventually. It still has the number on it from ORAMM and water bottles with just a little Heed in the bottom of each one. I'll get them out and clean them before they start growing a Chia Pet. I just happened to touch my computer that I mounted this year to help me pace myself, especially in the hundies where it's easy to not have any idea how far you have ridden or how far you have to go. Anyway, I punched the buttons and saw the Odometer.

It read 5580. Huh? That can't be right. I thought about it and remembered that I mounted it in December, just about the time I started training for this year. I recalled some of the rides and races and did some basic math and realized it probably was right. I had no idea I have ridden my mountain bike that much this year. I never keep track of miles, only time. That combined with my road miles and I must have somewhere around 8000 miles so far. On one hand that's great but on the other hand I wonder why in hell do I choke in the big races. Let's look at the track record so far this year:

Cohutta 100 - DNF after suffering for 82 miles. Granted I was sick, had a fever and shoulda never started this race so really I can't count that as choking.

Tsali - I did fine for the first 8 hours but really suffered in the last 4 and my performance really fell off. I did finish on the podium so technically it wasn't a choke but I suffered like a dog to get there.

Mohican 100 - It was muddy and I am sure that took alot out of me but I was on the friggin bike for almost 13 hours to finish a hundred miles. CHOKE!

ORAMM - After riding the first 40 miles in good time, I cracked and lost loads of time over the next 20. I had symptoms of heat exaustion and had to really slow down or pay the consequences. I almost quit but I'm to damn stubborn.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not down on myself too bad. I am just trying to analyze my racing program and adjust my training where needed to get more out of it. I am relatively new to solo efforts in endurance racing (this is my second full year of doing mostly solo races. I have raced 12 and 24's on teams for 8 years) and I am limited in training time by significant family and work requirements. With 5500 off-road miles plus all the road miles I have so far this year though, I should be doing better than I am though. I would think so anyway.

Ah hell. I'm having fun and that's really what it's all about anyway.

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