Wednesday, August 6, 2008


We live with it in some form every single day. For the last month I have had the additional stress load of selling a house and moving (and life goes on in the meantime). The contract process on the house consisted of offer, counter-offer, counter-counter offer and the dammit this is it counter-counter-counter offer. Then came the home inspection, the bug inspection and the appraisal. Any of which could have stalled the process in it's tracks if something went awry. Now, with closing on Friday and 99.5% of the stuff that used to occupy our former residence now residing somewhere else, we get hit with a list of stuff the buyer wants before we close. They didn't do the inspection until late last week and now we only have (had) two days to do all this shit. It's stressing me out. For an entire month I have been doing something until all hours of the night and sometimes early morning to get this thing sold and us moved. I have shit in boxes that like Christmas gifts, may not be opened until Dec 25. It may be that long until I get to them.
My realtor has been great. She has really made this thing work with her hard work. Whatever she gets paid is definitely hard earned.

Fool's Gold is in two weeks and I have been trying to get ready for the August Georgia heat. I rode for 3.5 hours Sunday in the mountains on my road bike. It was in the 90's and a good training ride for heat aclimatization. I am riding where and when I can for now. I wouldn't call it regular but it's pretty consistent. This weekend will be another long one, maybe off-road. I won't really know until I am there.

Frankenbike parts are arriving daily. Stay tuned for details on Frankenbike......


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SandPine said...

Hey, at least you can use this opportunity to clean house and get rid of junk we all accumulate to use later but never do. Good luck on the sale.

See you at FG. I hope not to confuse you again for Chris. :-) You doing 100 SS or 50?

Duckman said...

Hey Amigo,

I am only doing the 50 at FG. Vassago is having a tent there with bikes and et 'cetera and I agreed to help out some.
With the Georgia heat I can't say I am disappointed to miss out on the full hundie.
Come by the Vassago tent and say hi.