Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It lives

The idea of frankenbike came to me like many of my wild ideas - I was bored. I started thinking about building a tricked out singlespeed road bike, something totally on the other end of the scale from the mutt bike that had become my weapon of choice for tarmac. The idea gained some momentum when a friend of mine, Mark Prince, offered me a very slightly used Cannondale Synapse frame, fork, headset, crank and seatpost for a really good deal. All I needed to finish the job was a set of wheels. Everything else I pretty much pulled out of my parts bin.

I found a cool old set of Mavic hubs that included a radial specific front hub that I didn't know I had. I couldn't use the rear since that duty was to be handled by a White Industries ENO Eccentric hub but I could sure use the front. I picked up some rims, spokes a rear hub and commenced to building.

Everything went together great although I did have some trouble with controlling spoke wind-up on the front wheel. This was the first radial wheel I have built so it took a little longer with that than normal. Since the remnants of Tropical Storm Faye are blowing through tonight, I couldn't take it out for a ride but here's some pics of the finished product.

Cannondale makes a cool looking carbon crank. Gearing is 48X18

The ENO hub is what makes it all possible.

The cockpit.

Something old, something new...... This hub is nice. The skewer is going to be replaced with a black one soon.

WTB seats have become my favorite. I have one on almost every bike I own.

It's between the 13 and the 14 and that's WITH pedals, cages and a duck!

I can't wait to ride it.


Misty said...

Thank God the wait is over...I have been waiting. Congrats on your new baby Duck!!!!

jdstamp said...

Sweet ride! I trust that you will use it to crush the hopes and dreams of roadies everywhere.

Erik Johnson said...

Nice bike(s). Unrelated to this post: I'm about to get a Jabberwocky but am debating about the size. At 5'9" I feel like I'm right in between the 16" and 18". I was curious how tall you were and what size you're riding (since you've clearly put a lot of miles on the bike). Thanks!

Duckman said...

Hey Erik,
I am 5'11" and I ride a 18" frame. You are on the cusp between the two.
My personal preference is to get the smallest frame that fits me properly. They tend to be slightly lighter and better handling IMHO.

Hope you enjoy your Jabber. They are great bikes!