Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ouch! I Broke My Nipple!

Another one that is.

No, not THAT nipple, a spoke nipple. For the precise reason I will not build wheels with aluminum nipples, I am plagued with broken nipples. They just do not hold up over time and aren't worth the extra cost and savings in weight. I ended up with them on the wheelset I have because I bought them already built. I could have rebuilt them immediately with more dependable brassies but I am lazy. So now I rebuild one nipple at a time as needed.

I want to ride today plus I need to pack up the Toy Box for it's first road trip. What to do. Well one thing I don't need is to ride much or very hard so the plan is to hop on the road bike for an hour or so, load the Toy Box and pack the rest of my stuff for FG. It should be a fun weekend.

Parts are trickling in for Frankenbike. Stay tuned for details...............

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Misty said...

Enjoy the corn nuts!!!