Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pain is just a click away.

I get emails from bike related events all over and sometimes I just gotta look the other way otherwise I'd be wearing my ass out every weekend somewhere. This one is one that I really like. It's called Benge's Revenge and it's a 75 mile road race in Norton Virginia. The first 65 miles are a piece of cake but it's the last 10, specifically the last 5 or so that really hurt. That's where the route turns ugly and heads up to Flag Rock on a road that has an average grade of 11% and some spots hit 20%. It's tough.

Last year I dnf'd this one due to a mechanical. I think I may have to give it another try.


msysing said...

Hey Duckman,

Did you see Nam's blog?

Duckman said...

Yeah. I saw that.

Misty said...

Wow....that is insane! That last climb.....freakin' nuts!

My name is Stephen said...

I used to live in Wise VA, Beautiful country, if I were not doing Bridge to Bridge, I'd join you for that!!

Melissa said...

Its awesome to see so many people who love cycling! :) If you get a chance check out The Bicyclist, its a Webtv series that talks about bikes/cyclists :)

You can also submit your info to their site and they'll put up info about your blog and photos :)