Saturday, July 28, 2007

Grrrrrr. The Best Laid Plans..........

Well, I had planned to take this weekend to do alot of stuff that desperately needs to be done around the house. Stuff like mow, trim, cut some limbs out of the neighbors tree that are hanging in our yard, pressure wash the house, deck and driveway, fill the cracks in the driveway and seal the driveway and deck.

It's raining.

We need the rain and I am not to disappointed by it. I just wanted to get this stuff done and I have to wait now. I am impatient.

I have got quite a bit done anyway. Me and Nathan cleaned out the garage. I took pics of a bunch of stuff that goes on Ebay and I made room for a freezer that we are going to go get (when it stops raining). I also did some laundry and cleaned out the kitchen cabinets (whoever guesses the age of the oldest box of stuff I found in there wins something nice).

I also spec'd my second Jabberwocky that's due to hit my porch on Tuesday. I wanted to try some stuff from WTB which is another team sponsor. Over the years, I have aquired a bunch of "pet" components and I never really try anything else. I am looking forward to experimenting with some new stuff.

The only firm selection I have made and I can't budge on are the wheels. I absolutely love Stans rims and DT Swiss 240S hubs. I am going to build a set of wheels based on those items using
Supercomp spokes.

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