Saturday, May 10, 2008

Christmas in May

It's always nice to come home and have a box of goodies on your porch. I came home on Wednesday to a nice sized Vassago box and in it was some really cool stuff.

Like a Jabberwocky frameset in Snuffleupagus Orange, new Vassago Team Kit, and WTB tires and saddles.

On the left is WTB's Prowler - designed for medium to loose soil. On the right is the Vulpine - a minimally treaded tire for hardpack (Methinks the Vulpine will get tested at Tsali next week.)

WTB Silverado Team saddle. White is the new black.

You may be asking yourself how many singlespeed bikes does one person need. Hey some people collect shoes,

I collect Vassagos.

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