Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's round on both ends and high in the middle?

I am boarding the USS Lamberson this afternoon with a course plotted for Loudenville Ohio and round 2 of the NUE Series - the Mohican 100. Bob and Anet Lamberson have so graciously offered me passage in their RV at a price I'd be a fool to pass up. Plus riding 8 hours with friends is a whole lot better than driving alone.

This will be the third 100 miler in as many weeks for me and I am feeling the cumlative effects of the past two weeks. On one of my weekly road rides last night, my legs were kinda tired still but I did feel better towards the end of the ride. I have literally been living out of a bag for the last three weekends and as far as the bike goes, I have done nothing to it except wash the dirt off and lube the chain.

I am going to do something totally different this weekend. Since NUE series points are no longer something I am gunning for, I am totally stress free and not worried about anything. I am going to go without the pressure I normally put on myself and just ride as fast as I can. I am not even going to take any food. I am taking a bike, riding clothes and two empty water bottles. I will live totally off of local fare for the weekend.

This should be interesting.


SandPine said...

Interesting in deed. Good luck!

Hmmm.... said...

Good Luck Brian!

Namrita O'Dea said...

good luck!