Monday, August 13, 2007

Fools Rush In

It's T-minus one week until the Fool's Gold 50/100 in Dahlonega Ga and I have the motel booked, the plan in place and the legs are (hopefully) ready. With the temperatures we have had lately, I am planning on the worst. With that in mind, I took the last opportunity I had for a long ride yesterday and spent it at Bays Mtn Park in Kingsport. While Nancy and Nathan rode around the Nature Center, I headed for the hills for some pain.

Bays Mtn is near zero on the scale of sweet singletrack or technical stuff. It has lots of hiking trails that are all off limits to bikes (one section of mtb-accessible singletrack that's so-so) and a really nice nature preserve to take the family to. What it does have for bikes is several miles of fs type roads and some really nasty hills. Since my biggest weakness is climbing, Bays Mtn is the perfect place to work on that.

The angle of my bike gives some clue to the hills

I had originally planned to do hill repeats on some of the bigger climbs but it was so damn hot that I decided to just say no. I got plenty of what I came for as it was.

This is steeper than it looks.

Cooked yet? Not quite.

Competition, heh, heh, heh.

This little one has some spunk.

Disclaimer: No family members or wildlife were harmed in the making of this post.


Stumpy said...

What does you're sponsorship involve? I was thinking of applying but am unsure since I have never ridden for anyone but myself. I bought a Jabber when the new ones came out and love it.

Hmmm.... said...

Get Ready, Set, Go!!!! Fool's Gold comin' at ya!

We'll be watching for you. Have a great race!

See ya on the trails.

msysing said...

My name is Mel Sysing and I just got on the team as well. I found your name on the team rider list as well as the other 2 and have been just saying hello to everyone. I was wondering what do we all get in terms of gear? I finally sold my last 26er. Do I need to get some forks and wheelsets? I think that I am good for the drivetrain parts. I took them off my 26er bikes. Let me know what you had to do to get set up. Would love to ride with the team in a team event next year, but I think that will some organizing because I live up in Canada.

Talk to you later.

Cheers from the North!