Friday, August 31, 2007

Momma That Man Is Naked

I usually ride with a group on the road on Thursday. We have a nice 30ish mile route that has a few rolling hills and one really good 2 mile climb near the end. It is great training. After the weeks I have had so far, I needed this ride. Wouldn't you know I'd get stuck at work and I'd end up leaving at 5:40 for a ride that leaves at 6:00 and it would take 20 minutes to get there.

My options were to get there asap and time trial my way to the group already en-route or get ready on the way over and make them wait until I finished (like I haven't had that done to me before).

I started at the first red light. Shoes and socks gone, shorts, jersey and socks laid out on the console ready and waiting. Next red light comes the hard part - the shorts (I wear bibs). The trick to changing in traffic is to pull up short of the cars next to you, that way you are out of the line of sight of the drivers around you. I had a big truck on one side, a minivan on the other, I was good. Here I go making the switch the only problem was my shorts got hung on the lever that moves the seat back and the damn light turned green. I am now driving half-naked to the next light. At the next light I have the minivan again and now a VW on the other side. I had already managed to get my shorts free before I got there and all I had to do was get them up and get my jersey on. About that time I see a kid in the minivan waving at me.

I waved back and wondered what he thought ( he couldn't see anything except me doing some strange movements and pulling a jersey over my head).

Ah finished. I made the ride on time and ready to go and it definitely was what I needed.

Good luck to The Great White Goat heading to the SM100 this weekend and also I have several friends competing in the collegiate race this weekend being held on the campus of East Tennessee State University. Good luck to all of you.

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The Evil MGE! said...

Duck, Keep you wee wee in your pocket. Poor kid musta thought you were a ballerina on the way to the Ball.

Thinkin about building my old 80's road bike back up. It ain't the Van Dessel I had but the road has been calling and six speeds with down tube shifters has been beconing to be switched at 40 mph down the Blue Ridge Parkway.