Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is it Jabberwokies, Jabberwocky's, Jabber wocki?

What is better than one Jabberwoky? Two Jabberwockies! I have been sitting on what will be my main race bike for a few days. I have lots of goodies from WTB to go on it and I am guessing the yellow will stand out like um...........a schoolbus. Yeah that's the ticket. I have the wheels laced up but I won't have a chance to tension/true them before this weekend then I need to finish the build and give it a few rides before it's first race at the 24 Hours of Landahl in Missouri next month.

The black one I have been riding will be used for training, beer crawls, and as a back-up for the solo enduro stuff.

Many, many thanks to my really cool sponsors: Vassago, WTB, White Bros, Bike 29 and Cane Creek and especially our Team Manager Misty for hooking me up with the goods.

Muchas gracias.

A pile of bike.

Spokes prepped and ready.

Soon, another Jabberwocky will be unleashed.


Hmmm.... said...

Personally I would say: Jabberwockies (in your case having more than one). With the "'" it would be more of a possessive thing which you could be possessive about your bikes. Splitting it just looks rather weird. ;)

Good luck this weekend Brian! :)

Dwayne said...

Hey Brian, I've been enjoying your blog. didn't know you had one till Eric posted it at the msg blog roll. Good luck at the Fools Gold. Ride strong and don't do anything foolish.