Monday, August 27, 2007

No Dr Skip's For Grannygear This Year

Since 2000 and the 24 Hours of Snowshoe, Dr Skip's Medicine Show has been an icon at Grannygear events each June in West Virginia. This year, we planned to go big and contend the National Series by attending the 24 Hours of Big Bear, the 24 Hours of Conyers and the 24 Hours of Landahl and we had hopes of taking the National Championship in the 35+ Vet Division.
Well stuff happened and we didn't get to make the first two events and now it looks like we're going to miss the Landahl race as well. Two weeks away from the event and there's only about 13 teams total registered and no Vet teams. Landahl is a long way from East Tennessee and with all the costs involved, we as a team decided that we'd rather not go to all that trouble to race against ourselves. I hate it for Laird, the promoter, because he is a good guy and puts on a good race. I don't know why the midwest race hasn't taken off like the others.
So for the first time in seven years, Dr Skip's Medicine Show will not be at a Grannygear event.
Here's to '08

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John said...

Hey Duckman!!! We missed you at Landahl. The turnouts have been low but the racing has been awesome. A few of us Missouri boys put a single speed team together and raced the expert class. We gave the Athens wrecking crew and DCMTB a run for their money but fell a little short. 4th out of four teams, 20 laps and 9th overall. We need to hook up and get some riding in. Good luck downthere in JC.