Monday, April 28, 2008

Abby Normal

What is normal anyway? I am thinking that the notion of normal is something that is getting more and more elusive as time goes on.

I am pretty much over the Strep that terrorized me before and during the Cohutta. On my ride Saturday, my legs felt a little dead at first but after warming up, I felt fine. I only had 2 hours to ride so I did what I could (I was 15 minutes late - sorry honey). I was banking on Sunday's ride - and it poured rain all day. I am sorry. I could not make myself ride in the rain one more time.

So I did some things that have been put off for some time.

Things like new gear cables and bar tape on my road bike.

Getting all my riding gear together including socks (why do socks disappear? I have about a dozen single socks.)

Changing the crank on my SS road bike from the 170mm one it had to a 175mm one.

Clean and lube 4 bikes.

Oh and watch it rain while I rode my rollers for a bit.

The truth is I have no normal schedule. Everything is subject to change at most any moment - at least that's the way it is for now. I am trying hard to get myself out of this funky mood I have been in since my mom's been down. It is very hard to just go on and be who I am. I haven't been very funny lately. Not much to laugh about.

But it could be worse. Have a look at this clip:

That'll leave a mark.

Looks like I am riding in the rain tonight. It's all good. I think I'll do it on my fixed gear.

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