Friday, April 11, 2008

It is finished.

Training for the Cohutta 100 that is.

It started December 1st with a winters long every-other-day session on rollers @ a heartrate of less than 140. Twice weekly night rides pretty much regardless of the weather and a long ride of at least 2 to 6 hours every two weeks.
I started riding in the mountains on my road bike in February and by March 1st, I had 1300 miles of road/mountain/rollers combined in my legs. I rode mountains 3-6 hours every weekend for 5 weeks in Feb/March.
I experimented with different foods and drinks until I came up with a combination that I believe will serve me well.

I am as fit as I ever have been for this time of the year still, I worry about endurance. Did I do enough?

Dunno, yet.

All I can do now is rest and get ready to race.

It has been fun. Since I decided to get a little more serious about racing this year and a little more focused, I have enjoyed pushing myself. Riding in the rain at 38 degrees or in the dark and snow at 18 degrees has made me tougher than I was before. I know that I can endure alot of discomfort and it might suck for awhile but it's not going to kill me.

I am in my taper/rest period before Cohutta. My plan for the week looks something like this:

Tomorrow - 4 hours fireroad easy pace w/some climbing. I need this ride because I haven't ridden my Optimus yet and I have new shoes that I haven't used.

Sunday - 45 minutes spin

Monday - 90 minutes tempo

Tuesday - off

Wednesday - 90 minutes spin

Thursday - off/pack

Friday - off/travel

Saturday - Race.

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The Goat in a Turtle Shell said...

Good luck at Cohutta. I thought about the 65 but meh, an over abundance of gravel is doing nothing for me these days. The Optimus Ti should add at least 1.5 mile an hour to your average. Get it, Get it, put the hammer down!