Monday, April 7, 2008


By Saturday, I was on the edge of really losing it. The stress I have felt this week has been enormous and I just needed to get out on my bike and pedal some. I didn't even care that it was in the 50's and raining again. I just hopped on my singlespeed and rolled out of the driveway and past my neighbors who were bundled up and under an umbrella just getting in their car.
By now they have seen this repeated enough that they no longer ask questions. They have accepted that the man living next door isn't quite right.
At least I am not a ax-murderer. I am sure they appreciate that.

I tried to not think about my mom and other stuff that really causes me alot of stress right now. I just tried to focus on the rain, the sound of tires on wet pavement, the smells of spring. I tried to think back to how much I have ridden in the damn rain since Jan 1. I would venture to guess that at least 40% of my training since Jan 1 has been in the rain for at least part, if not all of the time. Maybe it's my lot in life. Maybe it's somehow predestined because I have rubber ducks all over the place. Ducks like it wet and they don't seem to care about the cold either. I guess if I take that thinking further, it's a good thing I am not "Penguinman" or "Polar Bearman". Maybe I should have adopted something that exists in mainly warm, dry climates like "Iguanaman"

"Prarie Dogman"? Nah, might be misconstrued into just shithead.

Hmm. Not very appealing. How about "Scorpionman"?
Nah, to somethingish.

Horny Toadman? Hmm.............................. My riding might suffer for other reasons.

I digress.

Every time I ride my SSRB I am reinforced in my decision to get one. It is perfect for the sloppy crap I ride in. There's nothing to hurt on it. It's like a Sherman Tank.
With all the short, steep hills around my house, it's gotta be good for my training.

As I rolled back onto my street a couple of hours later, my neighbor drove up next to me and rolled down the window and asked if I had a good ride.

With rain dripping off my nose, I replied;

Yeah, I did.


Darth Duncan said...

Prariedogman isn't like a Talisman is it?

Duckman said...

Hmm. Don't think I'd want to hang it around my neck.